Barwaqt Loan Calculator

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Barwaqt Loan Calculator

Barwaqt Loan Calculator

Welcome To Barwaqt Loan Calculator, This Tool Will Help You To Calculate Your Loan Fee. By Using This Tool You Can Calculate Your Loan Upto 1 Lakh PKr. Daily Markup Rate: 0.067%-0.8% ( The markup is for reference only. Determined according to the actual credit status of the customer)

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Here Is Pre Calculated Loan Amount Rs 10,000 To Rs 100,000

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 10,000

  • Total Repayment Amount  Rs.11,070~Rs.12,646
  • Markup Rs.909~Rs.2,424
  • Processing Fee Rs.61~Rs.122

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 20,000

  • Total Repayment Amount  Rs.22,030~Rs.25,166
  • Markup Rs.1,809~Rs.4,824
  • Processing Fee Rs.121~Rs.242

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 25000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.27,510~Rs.31,426
  • Markup Rs.2,259~Rs.6,024
  • Processing Fee Rs.151~Rs.302

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 30000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.32,990~Rs.37,686
  • Markup Rs.2,709~Rs.7,224
  • Processing Fee Rs.181~Rs.362

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 40,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.43,950~Rs.50,206
  • Markup Rs.3,609~Rs.9,624
  • Processing Fee Rs.241~Rs.482

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 50,000

  • Total Repayment Amount   Rs.54,910~Rs.62,726
  • Markup  Rs.4,509~Rs.12,024
  • Processing Fee  Rs.301~Rs.602

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 60,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.65,870~Rs.75,246
  • Markup Rs.5,409~Rs.14,424
  • Processing Fee Rs.361~Rs.722

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 70,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.76,830~Rs.87,766
  • Markup Rs.6,309~Rs.16,824
  • Processing Fee Rs.421~Rs.842

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 80,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.87,790~Rs.100,286
  • Markup Rs.7,209~Rs.19,224
  • Processing Fee Rs.481~Rs.962

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 90,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.98,750~Rs.112,806
  • Markup Rs.8,109~Rs.21,624
  • Processing Fee Rs.541~Rs.1,082

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 100,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.109,600~Rs.125,200
  • Markup Rs.9,000~Rs.24,000
  • Processing Fee Rs.600~Rs.1,200

I Hope This Calculator Is Helpful For You, Still If You Have Any Problem Then Contact Us Via Our Contact Form Or, Thanks For Using Our Tool

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