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Barwaqt Loan Apply Online – Get Loan Up To $100,000

Barwaqt Is An Online Loan Application. By Using Barwaqt App You Can Get Safe And Flexible Loans In Pakistan. You Can Choose Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, And Bank Account To Receive The Loan Amount. You Can Also Pay Your Loan Through Easy Paisa Without Extra Charges.

If You Are Looking For An Easy Way To Get A Loan In Pakistan Then Barwaqt Is A Good Option For You, The App Is Secure, Reliable, And Offers Competitive Terms.

This Is Not An Official Website Of the Barwaqt Loan App, This Blog Is Only For Educational Purposes, This Website Provide You All Details About How To Get And Repay a Loan From Barwaqt Loan App. We Are Not Supporting Any Ilegal Activities, Still, If You Have Any Problem Or Issue Then Contact us via our contact form we are ready to discuss it with you.

Table of Contents

Information Disclosure

Barwaqt Loan Eligibility Criteria

Age 18-60 years

Pakistani citizen

Monthly income

barwaqt loan money cash app pakistan

How To Apply For Barwaqt Loan – Barwaqt Application Process

Step 1 – Download the Barwaqt app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Step 2 – Create an account by providing your CNIC number and mobile number

Step 3 – Select the loan amount and duration.

Step 4 – Fill out the required personal and professional information.

Step 5 – Upload a clear picture of your CNIC front page.

Note Upload Your Own CNIC Picture

Step 6 – Choose your payment method (mobile wallet or bank account).

Step 7 – Take a selfie for verification.

Step 8 – Submit your application and wait for approval.

Once your application is approved, you will receive the loan amount in your chosen payment method within 24 hours.

Here Are Some Additional Details About The Barwaqt Application Process:

  • You must be a Pakistani citizen with a valid CNIC to apply for a loan
  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan.
  • You must have a stable income to repay the loan.
  • You must have a good credit history.

Barwaqt Loan Apply Online – Barwaqt Loan Details In Urdu

How To Repayment Barwaqt loan Using Easypaisa And Jazz Cash

Also Read Detailed Guide About How To Repay Barwaqt Loan From Easypaisa

Barwaqt Loan App Helpline Number

  • 051-111686868 (Hunting Line)
  • cs@barwaqtfintec.com

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 10,000

  • Total Repayment Amount  Rs.11,070~Rs.12,646
  • Markup Rs.909~Rs.2,424
  • Processing Fee Rs.61~Rs.122

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 20,000

  • Total Repayment Amount  Rs.22,030~Rs.25,166
  • Markup Rs.1,809~Rs.4,824
  • Processing Fee Rs.121~Rs.242

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 25000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.27,510~Rs.31,426
  • Markup Rs.2,259~Rs.6,024
  • Processing Fee Rs.151~Rs.302

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 30000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.32,990~Rs.37,686
  • Markup Rs.2,709~Rs.7,224
  • Processing Fee Rs.181~Rs.362

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 40,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.43,950~Rs.50,206
  • Markup Rs.3,609~Rs.9,624
  • Processing Fee Rs.241~Rs.482

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 50,000

  • Total Repayment Amount   Rs.54,910~Rs.62,726
  • Markup  Rs.4,509~Rs.12,024
  • Processing Fee  Rs.301~Rs.602

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 60,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.65,870~Rs.75,246
  • Markup Rs.5,409~Rs.14,424
  • Processing Fee Rs.361~Rs.722

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 70,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.76,830~Rs.87,766
  • Markup Rs.6,309~Rs.16,824
  • Processing Fee Rs.421~Rs.842

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 80,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.87,790~Rs.100,286
  • Markup Rs.7,209~Rs.19,224
  • Processing Fee Rs.481~Rs.962

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 90,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.98,750~Rs.112,806
  • Markup Rs.8,109~Rs.21,624
  • Processing Fee Rs.541~Rs.1,082

Barwaqt Loan Interest Rate On 100,000

  • Total Repayment Amount Rs.109,600~Rs.125,200
  • Markup Rs.9,000~Rs.24,000
  • Processing Fee Rs.600~Rs.1,200

Is Barwaqt Loan Safe?

  • Barwaqt is an excellent financial service platform in Pakistan registered with SECP. So Barwaqt is 100% Safe.

How Much is a Barwaqt loan?

  • By using barwaqt you can get up to 1 lakh loan.

What Is The Minimum Amount For Barwaqt Loan?

  • 1500 Pkr to 1 Lakh Pkr.

How do I pay my Barwaqt loan?

  • By using Easypaisa app, you can easily repay barwaqt loan

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Barwaqt Loan?

  • If you don’t repay the loan on time, you will be charged a penalty. If you still don’t pay, legal action will be taken.

Barwaqt Loan App Details

App NameBarwaqt – Loan Money Cash
Updated onJun 21, 2023
Requires Android5.0 and up
Offered bySeedcred Financial Services Limited

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 Barwaqt Loan FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who can get a loan on Barwaqt?

1 – Pakistani citizen
2 – 18 years of age or older
3 – A person who has his own bank account / mobile wallet.

Q2: How to get loans on Barwaqt?

Step 1 – Download Barwaqt App From Play Store

Step 2 – Use Any Mobile Number That Is Registered With Your CNIC Card

Step 3 – Fill The Required Personal Information

Step 4 – After Review, You Will Able To Get Loan

Q3: Why does Barwaqt collect your personal information?

To provide you with better loan services and to review your credit history.

Q4: Can I update my CNIC information in Barwaqt App?

Make Sure Your Account Registered With Your Own CNIC, We Only Allow One Barwaqt Account On Your CNIC. Once You Submitted CNIC Details, You Can Not Modify CNIC Information. Please Carefully Submit CNIC Details

Q5: Can I update my Bank Account information in Barwaqt App?

Bank account information cannot be updated once it is entered. Please use the account on which you want to get the loan.

Q6: How do I receive the loan?

You can use your Mobile Wallet Like Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa OR Bank Account To Receive Your Loan

Q7: How to receive the loan through Bank Account?

Select Your Bank From List And Enter Your Bank Account Details

Q8: How to receive the loan through Mobile Wallet?

You must have a mobile wallet account on the same number as on Barwaqt. We will transfer the loan to your mobile wallet.

Q9: What is our review process?

We Will Check Your Credit History Based On Information Provided. Or You May Receive A Call From Barwaqt Verification Department

Q10: Can I register on Barwaqt App through mobile number which is not registered on Mobile Wallet?

It is recommended to use the same mobile number to register the app on your mobile wallet account.

Q11: How to repay the loan?

You Can Easily Repay Loan Using EasyPaisa Wallet, 1Bill, And EasyPaisa Token

Q12: How to repay the loan using Easypaisa?

There Are Three Methods To Repay Loan Using Easypaisa

Easypaisa App.

Easypaisa USSD.

Easypaisa Retailer.

Q13: How to repay the loan through Mobile Wallet?

You must have an Easypaisa app.

Tap “Repayment via Mobile Wallet” on the Barwaqt app.

Tap on the “Pay Now” button.

You will receive a prompt to enter the Easypaisa pin or login the Easypaisa App to confirm.

Q14: How to repay the loan through 1BILL?

You can either use Mobile Wallet or Internet Banking to repay the loan.

Go to your Mobile Wallet or Internet Banking App / Website.

Type “1BILL” in the search bar and select 1Bill Invoice / Voucher from the search results.
Enter your Barwaqt “Token Number” and proceed.

Pay your loan.

Q15: How much time do I have after the due date to return the loan?

If you don’t repay the loan on time, you will be charged a penalty. If you still don’t pay, legal action will be taken.

Q16: Is my information secure?

Yes Your Information Is Completely secure as we are a licensed company, The Information Is Only Used For Verification Purpose9

Q17: Why was my personal information collected?

We only ask for very limited information to provide you with better loan services and to check your credit limit more effectively.

Q18: What is the exact interest based on the number of days?

Standard rate is 0.8% per day but will be determined based on credit rating.

Q19: On the App there is an option to choose amount from Rs.1,500 to Rs.25,000, But the approved amount is low. Why?

How much loan will be approved is determined based on your credit rating. if you repay loan on time then in future you will higher loan

Q20: I forgot my Barwaqt App PIN, How can I sign in?

If you forget your pin then go to Barwaqt sign in page and use FORGOT PIN option to reset your pin, or tap on OTP verification to generate new OPT

Q21: How I can Keep my Account Secure?

Never reveal your password to anyone. Always use your personal mobile Phone to log in to the account.

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